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Originally Posted by horizonmowing
Hey everyone. I need your help. I'm 17, going to be 18 in about a week. I have been mowing 10-14 accounts all season, mulching, tree work...ect. I have roughly 10-12 grand invested in the company ie- truck, debris loader, blowers, mowers, trailer ect. The company has a trade name (under my dad) but will soon be under my name. I know that I need to start paying taxes on this money (that is only fair) and I am going to have an employee, so the insurance will have to be set up to cover Virginia workers comp. What I am trying to say is that I really want to become a cooperation... BUT, the state of Virginia is telling me that I need to have a class C contractors license if i do $1000 worth or work and a given address over the course of a year. "No problem" I think to my self, "I'll just go get a class C license." WRONG... now they tell me that I need to have two years of experience with another company to get this class C license. Well, I cant do that!!!! I really don't want to work for someone else, that is why I am starting a company. Any way, are most of you guys out there sole proprietorships, or cooperation's; and is there anyway to get around this class C license problem that I am having. Also, if i do a mulch job for a Grand (not hard to do) and I am a sole proprietorship, am i braking the law? THANK YOU... PLEASE HELP
I just finished two terms on Oregon landscape license board. We offered other options, too. Some college would substitute. And, various self-employment projects. In fact, if someone submitted 6 small projects per year - 4 years worth - that would open the door. And these could be like mowing, thatching a lawn: even single day projects (to my amazement, but that's the way it is, since they still face the test).

Do they offer other options like that? You might need to ask.
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