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C'mon guys - don't you remember Plowsite??? You knew he was a snake when you picked him up!!!! How soon they forget.

Anyway. Kevin - stay away from the Lesco mowers - they're crap. If you want me to elaborate, call me and I'll give you 5 minutes of reasons why not to buy one. They're not worth the metal they're made of. Go buy an Exmark or a Scag (if you want a line on a couple of good Exmarks, call me. They've got about 800 hrs on them, but I know they've been well maintained. They're not mine - just a guy's from whom I buy a lot of equipment)

If you you guys are hurting for employees, PM me. I've got some good subs that I've been using that are looking for more work. And, I've got some other numbers of people looking for work. Be glad to pass along those numbers - especially now that the grass is starting to hit a growth spurt with all that rain.
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