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Originally Posted by Mickhippy
Make it an EFI and Im sold! Would prefer a little diesel though!
I hope life is treating you and the family well, do you have the 28 efi and if so how has the engine done for you? I would trade tomorrow for a 34 efi, as far as the diesel goes it will just last longer and I really don't care about dieing with the same mower, I like different things to much to ride the same mower very long. I already have 136 hrs. on this new mower just cutting my own property, that is probably as many as a lot of commercial boys would put on one. The 28 efi has been the best engine I have had on any of the Super Z's, it has been absolutely flawless, it cranks better (in any throttle position) uses no oil, switches off very well, never tried to backfire like the 27's and runs perfectly in all situations with better fuel economy. I would always like more power, if I had a 34 efi I would want a 50 next but there would have to be a lot of changes made to put the power on the ground and in the blades.
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