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Originally Posted by topsites
Slow down, try and keep the speed well below the posted limit and take it easy. They don't mess with you so long you're almost always below the limit and move nice and easy and do everything real slow so they realize that to pull you over would be, if nothing else, a BIG waste of their time as it likely would take you longer to get license and registration ready for them than time they want to spend dealing with you.

That's the secret, you gotta play like you're the dumbest and slowest, they don't mess with them kind.
But if you're smart and fast, watch out.
p.s.: looking poor helps, as does age.
If i was to drive under the speed limit everywhere I went, I would never get there alive. people will run you off the road. Also I have seen cops pull over people plenty of times for doing under the speed limit around here for acting suspicious. Keep it 5 over and they will not think twice about it, do 10 over and they might consider (1 in 10 chance) pulling you over. however if you're 15 over you're getting nailed. But it sounds like the CVI was just out to bust nuts and he would have been pulled over anyways.
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