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We're well thanks mate! Hope you and yours are too! Season is upon us!
I have the 04 SuperZ 28/60. While the 28 is adequate, I find it wanting in some places. Long thick Bermuda is a struggle and even worse when wet or add a hill. This may be different with the new deck though, but I am a little concerned about the cut quality issues and the longer frame. Im not to keen on the longer frame due to potential scalping. Most lawns I do are not flat but undulating to extremely rough. When the time comes to upgrade, these things will be checked with a very good demo though. Thats 2 or 3 years off anyway!

I just want the diesel for the torque. I dont care how long the engine last as it would be traded every 3 or 4 years anyway. I have a JDX595 with a 24hp diesel 54" deck and it ran fantastic. Some of the stuff it used to cut would blow you away and it just keeps on going. I could only imagine what a 28hp Kub would do. I thought Dixon ran a vert shaft 23hp or something Yanmar on there little diesel. Now if that was made to 27 or 28hp, be perfect with a 60" deck.

I do think more attention has been made to the transport speed rather than the over all performance with the SuperZ. Ive mowed parks flat out and the speed is great but 95% of the time, I would rather it climb hills and cut thick Bermuda without bogging so much.
In about 12 hours from now, it will be put on exactly that type of set up, long thick damp Bermuda with a slope. During winter I got the time to cut the place down to 2 hours, during the grow season, can take up to 4 hours!

Anyway, thats my rant! lol
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