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Originally Posted by puppypaws
I cut thick damp Bermuda yesterday and it gave the 28 more than it wanted but I don't have the slopes to contend with and that would make a lot of difference. Hustler has Kawasaki and Kohler working on the more powerful engines for the Super Z's but the problem they are running into is trying to get the power through the blades without smoking belts if it runs into more grass than the deck can handle and not the engine. I think they want to stay away from the drive shafts for some reason, I guess more maintenance involved but we can all use more power. If you happen to run out of gas with the efi what procedure do you use to start the engine?
I have had some here that are a PITA to get started after I have worked on the fuel system. Generally you should be able to cycle the key like 3 times and that should do it. Usually does with the EFI cars I mess with.

I have had to put a pressure tester with a valve on them to bleed the air out before.
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