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Originally Posted by keith_480231
Sounds like MACOMB_LAWN_SNOW strikes again!!! Doesn't surprise me though seeing all the smoke he blew up my kids azz!!!!

Blowing smoke up your kids ass? Are you serious? I was told he knew what he's doing. Would you like a list of reasons why he was fired. Here, I'll give you a couple, and we can go from there if you'd like the complete list.

1. He doesn't even know how to weedwack (literally)
2. He almost cost lives and a ton of money. Remember the trailer incident or did he not tell you about that. You know, when we almost lost a trailer at 70 mph on M53 eway because he didn't bother locking the trailer to the ball. Infact, the trailer was forced unlocked by the pin.

Want me to keep going?
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