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Originally Posted by Mower For Less
I know how you feel, he has been giving me the run around on the Lesco 60" rider. I called him the evening he made his last post about it (Monday 8-28-06) and met him at his shop at 6:00pm to pick it up. With the bagger on, it was to wide to fit on my trailer, but that didnt seem to matter too much because he was unable to get it out of his shop regardless. I call him again and again trying to work something out, then he tells me to hurry up because Mark (redwingsdet) is also interested if I do not want it, but I was the first to respond, so he was givving me "dibs". I have a guy and a trailer (this time wide enought to accomodate the bagger) spend over 4 hours on Thursday (8-31-06) driving out near his place (after he calls me and says its going to be there and everything will be a go), and waiting because he "couldnt find the keys to his enclosed trailer" and was trying to locate them. I finially could not keep the guy tied up any longer, and sent him on his way to do other work. I tried several calls and kept getting the run around, tried to arrange to pick it up on Friday (9-1-06) but still could not get any commitments from them to meet me or have it available for pickup. I told him I would be gone all weekend for the holiday, and I tried to call him again today, and everything goes straight to voicemail, the office and the cell. I am not sure what the problem is, nor how many others are being strung along on this or similar deals, so I feel it is appropraite to bring this up in a public forum as a buyer beware, and hopefully to get a response from Dan that he is unable/unwilling to provide by phone.

Kevin, you were there, you saw it in the trailer, your trailer didn't fit, and I couldn't get it out the next day because the trailer was locked and nobody knows where the keys went. I think they cut the locks off the trailer today because the keys are MIA and got misplaced during the move.

Also, keep in mind that I was willing to let you "test drive" the machine for a while. Not around our shop, but around your route or wherever you wanted to. Then, what did I say? I told you you could take it, and if you wanted to buy it, mail me a check or something. Did I not? My apologies for making your guy wait. I didn't expect to have to have a easter egg hunt for the keys to unlock the trailer. If you still want the machine, you still have dibs. I'm easy to work with as long as there aren't surrounding issues that take priority.
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