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Originally Posted by Mower For Less
Yes, I would still like to pick the machine up and continue with our original arrangement. You have to understand my frustration of not being able to accomplish something as simple as picking up a mower, however. And then Friday I called and talked to that other guy at your shop, told him who I was, and that I was trying to pick up the mower. He said he would call me back, and never did. Then I left a voicemail on your cell phone Tuesday, and you never called back either. If you can just leave the mower off the trailer, and let me know for sure that it is in your shop and there will be no problems comming to get it, I will pick it up. I just do not want to waste half a day with another repeat of last week. I am already backed up this week from losing my helper, and will most likely be working Sat & Sunday as a result.

I'll get it all arranged and give you a call. The other guy is just a field guy and he can't do anything.
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