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Originally Posted by macomb-lawn
I couldn't get anyone on labor day to help me. In the mean time, we are moving and things are all screwed up. Keep in mind that this thing weighs 1000 pounds and it's not the easiest thing to move around. Plus, I tried 100 different ways to move it around myself and it's nearly impossible.
As far as $1200 cash, read the first post I made when I said it was for sale. I said the FIRST $1,000 CASH TAKES IT didn't I? I don't mind taking a check, but then I gotta figure out how to justify the deposit for the books. That's why I originally said cash.

Look, if you still want it, I will make arrangements to get it to you. But, right now, I have some pretty serious issues to deal with.

I understand you are busy. But if that is the case just say it when we are talking mano a mano. The number one rule I try to follow in business, and in life, is "under-promise and over-deliver." It keeps people happy every time. I seriously am thinking I got talked into buying an engine hoist for nothing. You can see how I might think that can't you? That being said, I will take it for the agreed upon price. Please call me as soon as you can and we can do this thing. If you want cash at that point that is fine too since it is the work week now.
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