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Puppy, that X595 I have has a shaft drive to deck and other than a squirt of grease, its almost maintenance free. I reckon shaft is the way to go!
I really wish it would suck fuel from both tanks at the same time. It can be dangerous while on a slope and run out, unable to flick the valve in time.
I just give it a few starts and that works ok like Pugs said. I think thats just a normal set up where the pump has to get the fuel going but if it took fuel from both sides, there wouldnt be an issue! The fuel tank caps are rubbish with leaking. I hope they got that sorted with the new tanks!

Travis, if its true then thats great but even the 25hp probably wouldnt be that different to the 28efi. It needs to be 28 or 30hp to make it worth all the hassle and cost. We all want higher hp so going with 25max just wouldnt cut it in my book when Grasshopper, Kubota are 28hp and others up into 33 and 35hp.

My wish list, possible or not!
28hp Air Cooled diesel on the basic older short frame.
Somehow make the newer (improved) deck fit the old frame.
Shaft or hydro deck drive.
Make all belts a standard size so correct replacements can be found in Belt shops, not over priced mower dealers.
Move one of the hydros so can be easier access for when have to release the "nut". For when have to push the machine. Access to that release valve sucks!
Also, the hydro filter is a pita to get to!
Hyrdo sorted for more power to the blades. Take some speed off if needed. ATV hydros sound like the go for this!
Rollers on the back of the machine are to low and hit ALL the time, can hang you up on the most basic of dips. Even getting it off the trailer they always hit. They need to be 2" higher, perhaps the whole back of the frame needs to be higher.
The foot deck raiser thing needs to be longer and or bent so its easier to get with the foot.
A nice, not over sized folding rops.
Needs a storage compartment or tool box.
6 Tie downs. 3 front and back.
Deck easier to level.
Take sharp edges (top trim side) off the deck as that is where the paint is peeling.
Use standard size bolts on everything! Scalp wheel bolts for example.
MUCH easier access to the hydro cooler on the spoiler. Cant believe to have to disassemble the whole thing to blow it off! May be easy but still, what a drama!
Access to the hydro drive belt is a pita when in the field. Can be extremely dangerous changing one out! Not sure how that could be fixed though!
I would like to see larger tires on the machine and smooth front casters.
12v plug as standard. I had one fitted when I bought mine. Comes in handy for blowing up flats, lights etc.
Mud guards. This may sound silly but Ive had mud and dog sh!t flick up on me. Might keep the machine cleaner.
A lifting "thing" for the front end for changine blades. I know its easy to drive up a ramp etc but still, its not much to ask. One for the rear too to get out of a bog. Lift up, place mesh under and drive out. Simple! lol
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