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JA - good to hear from you. Must be having a great season...

I have to agree with John, in that the interview process is the best way to weed out the bad ones.

If they are a minute late for the interview without an earth-shattering reason, I don't hire them. If they are 10 minutes late, I leave, and let them figure out what happened.

If they ask GQL's questions # 2,3,4,6, they don't get the job. I like when they ask how many hours they are going to get. Q's 1&5 are appropriate questions for some point in the interview.

I also give them a wheelbarrow test. 400# of versa-Lok block in a wheelbarrow. They have to wheel it to a certain point in the yard, turn and come back. No makey, no jobby. I always wheel it there and back first, to sahow them it can be done. I was surprised at how many of the bad candidates this helped me to eliminate. The cocky ones sitting slack in the chair, seeming disinterested. Also touched few if any tools in their lives...I almost chuckle when they get that wheelbarrow to the end, try to turn amd it starts to dump. They do what they can to hold it up, but it's 400#. You aren't going to stop that from going over. Then those same kids are now pretty sheepish and can't get out of the interview fast enough.

I'll interview 10-20 people to hire one.
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