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You guys need some "foreign labor". I have been dealing with the same employment issues you guys mentioned for years. Just this year I have gone through 3 white men.... they either were careless or stop showing up! About 2 weeks ago after my guy stopped showing up and me working 13 hours a day, 7 days a week to stay on top of my work I hired a mexican guy. He speaks not a word of english but let me tell you... hes the best dam worker ive ever had! I show him how to do something once.... and hes perfect. He's extremly motivated and very willing to learn. I think it all comes back to the point that he has repsonsibility... He came to America about 3 months ago for opertunity and he sure as hell acheiving it! He has a wife and 4 kids back in Mexico to support. He dosnt drive but me picking him up every day is a small price to pay for an employee who is repsonsible, does a great job, very hard worker and i can trust! I think the key to hiring at this point is finding someone who depends on the income from you to survive.... a 22 year old still living at home aint gonna bust his ass..... for what? My guy does the work of about 3 white men and is very greatful to have the job.... I have to force him to eat lunch evryday.... he dosnt want to stop working!
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