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Stonehenge: As far as overtime up here, when we get a weekday holiday (like Canada Day) we ask our employees if they want to work or not. For regular pay. We won't pay overtime. If they agree, then it's ok as far as revenue canada (our IRS) is concerned. Same goes for overtime. We let 'em know when they've hit 44hrs for the week. If they want to work extra hours for regular pay, no problem. If they'd rather go home, not problem either.

You know what my theory is on the lack of work ethic for young guys? Video games. I'm only 31, but when I was a kid we got 13 channels on TV and had to physically get up and turn the dial to change it from Six Million Dollar Man to Barney Miller. Our video games were Pong and that crappy shooting range game with the fake cowboy gun.

We didn't care 'cause we were never inside anyway. Every day I would run home from school, grab my hockey stick (Proud Canadian that I am) and run over to my buddies house to play road hockey 'till supper. Then I'd run home again. Depending on the time of year, I'd tune in a ball game or hockey game if one was on then hit the sack.

Today's kids are all fat and pimply and sit for hours in front of video games downstairs in the basement. No wonder they don't want to work.

We don't schedule formal interviews, instead I call each prospect up on the phone "interview" them for about 5 minutes. One of the questions I always ask is what sports they play. If they don't play any then chances are pretty good they'll be uncoordinated and weak. After I've narrowed it down to a couple guys I'll tell them to come in for a day 'cause I gotta see them in action to tell if they'll be able to do it or not.

That's the best I can do interview-wise when I'm also working in the field every day. No time for hand holding, throw 'em into the fire first day and see if they can stand the heat.

Unfortunately most can't.

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