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I usually just guestimate the square feet to get in the ball park and tell the customer I estimate that it will take "X" truck loads and depending on what truck I will be using give them the price per truck load. Plus if you get really specific a yard is a yard, but again does your mulch supplier actually measure out the amout of mulch or do they just say that their scoop is a yard or 2/3 a yard or whatever. (I use truck loads when dealing with clients because they can picture a truck load, but most people can't picture a yard.) I found this method to work much better, you can sit down and figure up exactly how much you need, but can you actually put exactly 3 inches in every mulch bed, no. so then if you end up a little thick and run short you eaither have to spread it thin towards the end or go get more much at your expense. As you do the job you will see how much you are using and be able to make ajustments to how much you are going to use. And of course you pass this information alone to the customer to keep them informed on the bigger jobs. I never had a complaint from anyone. If I used less they were happy because they save a little money and if I used more they were happy because they got what they paid for.
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