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I don't know, I demoed an Exmark 66" Triton with a 27hp Kholer and it seem to blow my w/b's time away! One property that usually takes me 15-20 minutes to mow with a 48" w/b took me less than half that time with that ZTR. My trimmer guy was still in the front when I was done mowing, and usually he's almost done with the back side when I'm finished mowing with the w/b. There is more than just the speed factor at least for me. One is bagging capacity- any w/b will only bag what? 3.5 cubic ft. where as a ZTR even with a dual bagger is double if not triple that number. So to me right there I'm gonna save probably at least 7-10 minutes on an average lawn with walking back and forth emptying the bagger. Thats huge for me time wise because I am p/t with around 50+ weekly accounts to mow and this time of year daylight is becoming scarce after 3pm. But like you, I am having a hard time justifying 10k instead of 5k for a 52" w/b. I am leaning towards a 50" Exmark with a 27hp Kholer and bagger with a stripe kit though.
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