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Originally Posted by lsylvain
and our "diverse" workforce.
Rolled that one around in some sugar before throwing it out there

For those developments that are popping up everywhere; I've been including hedges/bushes trimmed, seasonal irrigation adjustment, and spray weeds in beds. It helps justify my price and doesn't cost me much since they all have the developer supplied landscape (bare minimium per code) If you were to charge the customer for these things, you would be nickel-n-diming them. It takes more time to sell than do.
Look for things to include with your price that don't cost you much to do. Since it is included and not on a schedule, you can do it on the days you are running a little ahead of schedule, in the wasted time waiting for a helper to finish, on the days the customer is outside and will see you, etc.

As mentioned in a previous post, edging can be scaled back to EOW to decrease time spent. The edging along hard surfaces looks rough quicker though, so I would hit it every week to maintain an "A" appearance, bed edges can go EOW, but watch for runners that set root on the other side(the yankees here don't understand how grass can jump an edge and set roots in less than 14 days)

Be careful with your prices; once a customer pays $50/mo, it's hard to get them back in the right price range. Most likley they will get 30 estimates trying to find that price again......and they will find someone to do it

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