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Originally Posted by lwcmattlifter
Do not line-x your dump truck. Why would you want to line the bed with something that will cause the material to stick to it? If you want to protect the bed paint it with anti-rust paint and get a poly slider like the tandem/tri/quad trucks use. Line-X is great for pickup trucks but not for dump trucks.
I am glad you said that. I was just thinking about that, every time you would go to dump something you would have to jump out at clean the box. I like the idea of a polly slider.

I have ran plently of dump truck with any sort of liner and didn't have a problem. When we would have rock of busted up concrete we would put a couple of inches of dirt in the bottom of the bed then be careful when dropping stone in.

Line-X for a pickup bed, yes be all means a good investment.
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