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Originally Posted by Randy J
... Surely when taking on a new yard it can't be too hard to explain that this is a 1-time price only, and the price will be adjusted for future cuts based upon your experience with the 1st cut. That way you may lose on the 1st cut, but you can adjust from there accordingly without going against your word. However, I'm of the firm opinion that if you give your word (sign a year long contract) you live up to it, no matter how bad you underestimated.
Your profile says you've only been in biz for a year, but, I feel you have a grip on it here. Best answer so far.

Originally Posted by daveintoledo
you make mistakes and learn from them, but your word should be the most important thing to you, you under bid, its the tough luck rule.....finish the searson and raise it next year....
Bullshirt, I ain't finishing out the season at a losing price. I told the customer it may change after a mow or two, and it did. There are advantages, as well as disadvantages, to not having signed contracts.

To all of the people who say, "finish the year at a loss, and raise the price next year,"
I ask this, "How many times have you done this, and kept the customer the next year?"
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