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Originally Posted by Splicer
Then start acting like a business man...In your initial post you say NOTHING...about the price being one that may change after the first cut...If you want to act like a business...then you should know how to bid a property...Believe me...I would be glad to be rid of you...You NON-businessman...
I've been insulted by someone who claims to be in business for how long... lets see...
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In my initial post, I didn't give all of the details of my conversation with the client, of course I didn't, the post would be too long, and would need explaining to people like you. You should have asked for more details, if the post wasn't clear to you.

Originally Posted by stumpjumper
Well this IS new, Dave[the kinder gentler one]and I are in complete agreement on this one. By the way Crawdad were the rocks invisible when you walked the property.
Yes. many of them were covered by excessive growth. Any more questions?
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