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Originally Posted by Splicer

Now that I've wiped the tears of laughter from my eyes...

Again...the initial post states NOTHING about ESTIMATES IF that is what was meant (unlikely ) that is what should have been written... The initial post states: He gave a firm price...He is a crybaby that when things don't go his way...he changes the suit himself...Sheshovel...quit flappin the yapper when you don't know what you are flappin about...
The initial post said nothing about estimates, and how to give them, because I thought I was talking to pros. My mistake, I didn't account for people like you.

Here's my initial post, so you can re-read it. where did I agree to work for the rest of my life for the same price?

Originally Posted by crawdad
You mis-priced a job. We've all done it.
You gave a price to mow 35 bucks, and the lawn took way too long, and dulled your blades from all of the rocks. This lawn needs to be at least 50 bucks.
What do you do next?
1)Mow for the rest of the year at the too-low price, and adjust it next year.
2)Stop showing up
3)Give the customer a new price, and take it from there.
I mowed it for the agreed upon price. 35 dollars. That's a days pay, for you, at McDonalds, or wherever your primary job is located.
For future mowings, the price must be higher in order to make money.
Why do you have a problem with that? Why would you mow it at a loss?

I apologize for not giving the full content of the conversation with the new client, I didn't know I was dealing with people here who don't know how to give estimates.

If my initial post was too brief to make a decision, why were you so quick to choose "number 1?" Why didn't you ask questions, as other, more experienced people did?

I didn't get this much trouble from my new client, he didn't give me as much shyt as you did. I could have raised it more than I did, and kept the job.
A bit of advice.
Keep your day job.
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