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Originally Posted by Splicer
I'm grasping???

Between you and Ms. It...I haven't laughed so years!!!

Couldn't you come up with anything better??? Like...You were wrong??? Cause you are you know...
In what way was I wrong? Please explain why you made a decision, based on a short post, and get all perturbed because you didn't get the right answer.

These two respondents replied with questions, saying, in effect, they needed more info to make an informed decision in this matter.
These are both good replies.
Originally Posted by Runner
How long have you been doing it? If you just started, I would just simply tell them..."Look, due to this ground being as rough as it is, and with all the oblects and such, I'm sorry, but I just cannot continue to service your lawnnfor $35. It would take a minimum of $50, and if you choose to try to find someone else to do it, I fully understand."
Just be honest, open, and upfront. They will understand, and it either gets you off the hook, or it gets youthe ompensation needed to make up for the extra time and care required to do this job at a profitable rate.
Originally Posted by dKoester
When was the last time this lawn was cut before you cut it. How often will you be cutting this lawn. Do it a least once a week.
You, on the other hand, responded right away with...
Originally Posted by Splicer
Number 1...

If I didn't give enough info, why did you answer at all?

Do I need to explain the entire conversation with the client, and the process of pricing a new job?
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