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12yr old with push mower

hey ya'll im new here but this site has been very helpful.
i started when i was 12 with one lawn to save up for a new dirtbike. After a while i realized i liked doing what i was doing . a few years later i got a 32 exmark i was 14 and it had a velke i would put my weed wacker on it and my blower. last febuary i turned 17 and borrowed some money from my parents and bought myself a f250 diesel and started using the dirtbike trailer to carry my mower. now i currently have about 20ish lawns and get some friends from school to help me . i have a 32 exmark and a 48 lesco and a bunch of other equpment and my truck is now fully paid off! i hope my little busness keeps growing i plan on going to collage for landscape architecture when i finish highschool.

btw i know this is off topic but how are the 18hp billygoat truck loaders?...looking to buy one new
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