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Originally Posted by spinrider2000
I have been searching my area for a 52 inch machine. The local dealer called with an offer on a 152 with the kohler 23 horsepower for $5999 TOTAL.

Any thoughts as to quality, power? I was also looking at the Ferris 1500 which are around $6400 + tax in the area.
any thoughts helpful, thanks
I have that 152 Z, but with 23 kawa (FH680v), it is excellent mower to me. Hydro is very nimble and sensitive, and most of all, the cut. It cuts way better than my 52 eXmark TTHP. I just added home-made mud guard on the deck to give beautiful stripe. I don't know about Kohler so no input.
I for sure kawi man. BTW, I got in Feb this year for $6602 out the door (6.5%tax included). I won't trade any other mower with it.
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