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The answer to your question depends upon what you are doing with them. I am assuming you are talking about the 33X15X16.5 to replace the 32X12X16.5 that comes stock on the S250. I also have a S250. The wider tires are good for soft/sandy soils and crossing lawns with less damage. Much better floatation. They also give more tractive force pusing into a pile etc. Remember you also have to purchase the wider rim to put them on. If you do a lot of work on concrete or asphalt then you are just wasting your money on something that wears just as fast as the stock ones but costs more. They also won't compact as well as the stock size. I have easily achieved 96%+ compaction track rolling with the stock tires but I don't think I would get much better than 90 - 92% with the wider ones due to less pressure (never tried it with the wide ones though).
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