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If your toilet breaks...........

Matt calls me from the cell phone today and says, "you aren't going to believe this lady." I said, "okkkkk what." Come to find out that one of our customers has a fenced in "play area" that her grandson plays in. Matt had asked her numerous times if she wanted him to do anything with it cause it looks bad, but she always says no. So today he is at the site and all outside that play area, she has thrown out very large clumps of crabgrass with soil all through it, and mulch embedded in it, along with some sticks, twigs, etc. It's a huge mess, thrown sporadically here and there. No way was he going to have a mower run over all that, so he makes a large loop and goes around it.

As he was finishing up loading, she comes out and says, "why didn't you mow over all that and clean it up?" He says, "if your toilet was broke, would you crap all over the floor and expect the plumber to clean it up?" (Yes, he really said that.) She just looks at him dumbfounded. He says, "why would throw that everywhere, when you could have just got a garbage can and thrown it in there, I'm not going to ruin my sharp blades on running that stuff over. She says, "ok I'll clean it up now, and then you can cut the grass there?" He says, "have it cleaned up for next week, and i'll mow it.

Would you have unloaded and went back to mow it? Or would you have mowed over it in the first place?
Just throwing out a conversation.
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