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first off what i meant by ive been in the business for 2 years is that ive been working for other people and i would like to go out on my own and see if i do any better.

And second i dont intend to make lots of money with this snowblowing. if i did that would be great! but its really just something for me to do in the winter.

i havent made one dime yet under "Brian's Lawn Care" because i havent really started yet.
i realize that next spring i will need to get a business license and register my name. or should i get it this fall before i start to advertise for my snowblowing?

and yes i will get insurance when i start mowing in the spring. mainly because i dont see a need for it when i am just blowing snow. what major damage could i do that i couldnt pay for. so i am not worried about that.

i am not going to be a lowballer either next summer. i am going to do it right and not cheap shot all the others out there
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