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Originally Posted by scagwildcat
how do you expect some one to answer you ? its like saying will it rain next spring? sure it will but how much rain will fall? you will make as much as you want to make thats if you are willing to invest every second of your day and every weekend, time ,money... its all in what you want to make of it !!
No doubt, because if we tell you that yes you will make enough then you go out and get a whopping 3-4 accounts and are later disappointed that you didn't? ... Or if we say no, then you won't even try ...?

Fact is, there's no telling from our standpoint sir, we can not predict the future, especially not someone else's but really not even our own heheh...

Do the best you can, let the cards fall in place, either you get it or you don't, it really is that simple. Best advice I can give you is this:
Right first thing start saving your money (yes really right now) and put aside always as much as you can, and keep doing that.
Once you have some, pay off your credit cards, pay off your car, pay off everything you own before even going into business.
Once the car is paid for, lower your insurance to the bare minimum (basic liability only, as required by law) and learn to be a careful driver.
Then, pay your insurance the first time it comes due in one lump sum (no payments, they charge $5 / month or more 'admin' fees + stamp + envelope + god help you should you forget even one time).
And keep your credit cards and everything paid off, in full, every month.
Put your electric, phone, and cable / internet on automated pay (well you got the money, right?), no more 1.5% late fee which btw = 18% apr.
And so on...
At least to me, saving my money has become a primary focus of my business.
First, I save next winter's money. Then, I save for equipment on top of that, then I go see what they have and how much I have.
Much to my dismay, as soon as I have the money to buy what I wanted a year (or three) ago, they've gone up in price... But by then I've got enough money in the bank that they pay ME like 30-45 dollars / month in interest and I have zero problem saving more on top of that until I DO got enough and if the price goes up again then I save some more because I still get closer every day.

... and NEVER take out another loan (except if you HAVE the money in the bank and it does NOT affect your final figure and they ARE willing to give you 36 months no payment / no interest (or even 6-12 months, whatever) but you got to have the cash in bank and if it affects you in any way to have that loan then you pay it off and you're done.

just my .002

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