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Originally Posted by Rons Rightway Lawncare
I got just what you need! A 2005 Silverado 1500 work truck, 2WD, automatic transmission, Air Conditioning, Cruise control, Cloth seats, Tinted windows, Black metal diamond plate tool box, Bed mat, bug guard, mud flaps, vent visors, Heavy Duty trailer hitch and wiring installed, 4.8 liter V-8 engine, 17 and a half thousand miles.... Not a scratch, dent, ding, stain, etc... Looks absolutely brand spanking new!

I use it to tow my 5 thousand pound when fully loaded trailer and it pulls it no problems. I have had another 2500 pounds of seed and fert on this trailer with the normal stuff and it still pulled the load just fine.

I am going to sell this truck sometime this fall or winter and buy a Isuzu landscaper truck.

I will sell you the truck for what I owe on it, if your serious about it I will call the bank to get a payoff amount. It shouldn't be too much, probably around 14-15 thousand. Whatever it is, I will sell the truck for payoff and even include the trailer for another thousand bucks. Trailer is a 6 and a half foot by 16 foot long, tandem axle and is very stout. It too looks great, not quite brand new, but close.

As far as other trucks go, you will use more gas and work the truck harder with a smaller v-6 or I-5 engine than you will with the larger v-8 engines. The Colorado would pull a smaller trailer but it will likely get worst milage than a truck like mine. I get no less than 12.5 mpg and that is if I am in a hurry on my route and also with alot of sitting parked with the engine running. I have seen nearly 14 mpg towing on my route with going easy on the gas and no A/C use.
thanks but i won't have the finances until next spring, and in my area i need 4WD, i am going to have a heck of a time this winter with my RWD astro
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