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We're just around the corner from Chapel Hill. Here is the link to the NCSU Turf site result page;

We tried several seeds last year, Rebel Exeda, Biltmore, Sentry, Southern Choice and more. While the NCSU tests are great, they do not measure the drought resistance of a seeds, according to their procedure, they water at the first sign of stress. Well, I wish our customers would do this as well...

Anyway, I was really impressed with the drought resistance of Rebel Exeda. One of the customers did not water at all this year and the lawn looked "sad" in July /August. After all the September rain, all of the Exeda came back and the yard looks now so good, that the customer sees no point in overseeding this year again.

The “Baltimore” yards also did very good and we’ll use it (as part of the Lesco Supreme mix) and the Rebel Exeda on most lawns this year.

Perhaps half of the lots are full sun, half 6 to 8 hrs of sun.

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