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Moving threads is all about organization. It's not considered a "punishment" to have a thread relocated from the commercial forum.
Take this one for example, it does not belong here. It is a support question, involving how the site is run.
If it was up to most, the majority will post their thread in the commercial forum because they feel it's the most viewed one. However, that is not really the case. A lot of members use the "new post" link at the top of the page, which then will bring up every new thread they haven't read since their last visit.

General green industry discussons, house threads that have to do with the weather such as too much rain, gas prices, tree cutting, what to do in the off season, etc.,

Now, your second part of your post, you are suggesting that we tell members to limit their posting so the forum doesn't get too many threads?
We want everyone to feel welcome here, to feel free to start a thread if they so desire. Sure, we try to encourage the search feature, but it is not mandatory to use it.

All we are doing is trying to keep it as organized as we can, that's the idea behind relocating threads.
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