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Originally Posted by Randy J
While I certainly can't argue with "no profit, no business" Mac, I think what is hanging many of us up is the question of someone's word. I think if the initial bid was given with the understanding that the price was subject to change for whatever reason, then most of us would certainly agree with the price increase. ...
When I first gave the price, it was agreed that the price would be 45 for the first cut, as it was overgrown, then go down to 35, and I'd let him know if I could continue it for that price. He agreed.
After cutting the lawn twice, I talked to the owner, and told him that it would have to be 50 dollars. He replied, " No problem. I figured you'd have to go up after you saw how bad it is."
Of course, when using verbal agreements, a person's word is everything. This is why, after all of these years in this business, I have never been stiffed. I do good work, and I always get paid.
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