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Deduct 100% of medical expenses!!!

I just got a new health insurance co. 'cause my other co. raised my premiums $150.00/mo. It is the National Self Employment group. (NASE) The hooked me up with a group called Association 105 who has a plan that gets all of your med expenses pu on the schedule C. Here's how it works. You hire your wife to do some work for you. Paperwork, phones, ect. Then you have her pay all medical expenses out of her account.Everything. Then you re-pay her at the end of every month all the $$$ she spent and place it in your "employee expenses" box. This is totally legal. The law has been on the books since the '50's. The reason our cpa's won't tell us is that they don't know(it is buried in a huge tax book) or they don't want to be held liable in the event of a govt. audit. That is where asso. 105 steps in. In the event of an audit, they are contacted reguarding this potion of your schedule c. They assume legal responsibility provided you have documentation of your activities. We went over the numbers and I will save $2,000 this year!
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