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247-4 Seasons

I haven't posted in a while since school got completely underway this month. It's amazing how middle school students can run you out of energy! makes spending a day in a machine a walk in the park.

Planet...I can't speak specifically for the 247 since I own an RC50. I demoed the 247 before I bought the ASV machine and I bought the RC50 because it felt more balanced front to rear (247 is a skid on ASVs undercarriage) and it was much heavier than the RC50 by about 1500lbs. I live in Wisconsin and use that machine to excavate, landscape, load trucks, push get the idea. I have found it to be so much more versatile than any skid steer I have ever sold or used (I also own a Bobcat skid). You just can't beat it for all around productivity. The operating costs are higher than a skid, however, the productivity I get has far outweighed the cost by an exponential amount. I now have over 1,000 hours on my tracks and feel like I have 30-50% track life left with no problem. I was extremely pleased with how it works removing snow. It's fast, has plenty of traction, and I can push up snow piles that a skid wouldn't come close to. I'm a big big proponent of choosing the machine that best fits your needs...from a dealer you are comfortable with. I would recommend that you try both the ASV and the 247 to see the differences for yourself. I sold the Bobcat tracked machines and I'm not swayed by their claims of being better than the ASV (both by experience selling them and dealing with customers who have bought them). Besides, I just can't take the beating that the rigid machines give the operator. I can only imagine that that pounding would have some sort of a health impact down the road if I made my living in a machine for 10 hours a day over 10-15 years. Best of luck with your choice.
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