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Ferris has the sulky-pulling wb down to a science.
Everything that you notice in the pics contributes to their outstanding hill ability, all with the power and stability to pull a sulky through those conditions.

Fluid Film the linkage, get it broke in, and the pistols are plenty comfy AND they are not twitchy at all.
All these companies keep trying to re-invent the control systems for wb's, the fact is that the pistol set-up is really the only system that you can bring all of your weight and muscle into play to supplement control, aid traction, pop a wheelie, bring a wheelie down, or any of the other trickery that pistols allow.

Although the ESC controls are pretty good, I find that they put my hands too close together and it reduces the leverage I have over it.
It's also pretty touchy/twitchy for my taste.
I do like the tracking knob quite alot though.

Ferris are all purpose built and well thought out, they left old-school pistols on it for a reason.
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