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Originally Posted by Tharrell
Ferris is going to bypass distributors and sell factory direct to the dealers.
Dixie uses a system similar to that. They used to use distributors but Dixie bought them out, lock, stock and barrel. Now Dixie sends the mowers directly to the distributor's old warehouse and sends them to dealers from there. I like it because you are dealing with Dixie Chopper from start to finish. If you need a specific mower and the warehouse doesn't have it it's a simple thing for the factory to send it out. Under the distributor system if he doesn't have it you had to wait for them to go through all of the PO BS and then wait on a whole truck load of mowers to get put together before you could get your mower. It has also allowed Dixie to hold the prices of their mowers steady for a few years now while everybody else has been raising prices.

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