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I think the question to ask is, is there enough profit in lawn prep to justify the added upfront costs, and the increase maintainance costs, not to mention a resale value that will not help recoup your investment. This machine will have to more than earn its keep. Your competition using wheeled machines do not have the investment that you will have. Your advantage will be in softer conditions and working slopes. If your work involves a lot of that ( I would say better than 50% of your work) than it may pencil out. If not, no one is going to give you more money to prep a lawn with a tracked machine if there is no benifit to them. Whatever lawn prep goes for in your area is the price you'll get. If the advatages of running the 247 will allow you to do more work, than your making money in theory. However, remember you not only have to make enough money to cover your additional investment (over your wheeled competetion) but put more money in your pocket, after all thats why we are here. That advantage certainly is not in this area. However we are rocky and dry where I am at. Your mileage may vary, but it is something to look into. Talking to someone in Wa. may not provide the information you need as I doubt the conditions both economic and ground are the same. You would be better to find someone that will talk to you in your area that is running a tracked machine. Also talking to someone with 300 hours on a machine is not going to give you enough information. Talk to someone that has put 1500 or more on a tracked machine. That will tell you whether a tracked machine is the way to go in your application.
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