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Scag- I see what you're saying about the undercarriage conforming to the pavement. Good point and well said. I can see how an ASV or Cat could get better traction in snow due to the undercarriage, but as far as the wider tracks giving more traction, I disagree. The Cat/ASV tracks are wider and do have a lower PSI which makes them float better, like you said. But, that causes them not to bite down to the pavement. When you plow, the skinnier tire/track will dig down farther and not float as easy, giving you traction. I understand that the contact area is better with a wider track/tire, but the higher PSI, the better it will dig. Granted, we're only talking about a couple inches and 1 or so PSI, it's more of the concept that I'm trying to explain. When I plow snow with my pickup truck, I take off my aftermarket wider wheels and tires and put I my skinnier factory wheels back on. They get much better traction.
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