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Originally Posted by crawdad
Something tells me that won't be difficult.
Don't worry about the cable guy, no one over 16 takes him seriously.

That was a very well written post, but i just had to sneak in a sexist remark, because I know you have a sense of humor.
Gee your so nice to me. Yes, that kind of remark is not sexist to me anymore. I am much more offended by idiots who refuse to understand just how wonderful I am and acknowledge my greatness in this business. Course I have only been giving prices, estimates and bids for the past 16 years and doing all these landscaping jobs for all that time as well so you know, I am just flapping my mouth I really have no idea what I am talking about because I have boobs and a nice butt and blond hair. Yep just some ditzy chick, rattle brained and stupid as a rock ya know.
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