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Originally Posted by Steelratt
So, I just bought a gravely 44z from a local dealer. They have been very nice to me during the whole time I have been lookin at ZTRs (approximately 4 months).

I test drove the 44z they had in front of the dealer, and liked it, so I was looking forward to getting it in. I arrive home today just after they had dropped it off. I rush up to admire it, and...wait a second. 2 miles on the odometer? Big areas of rust on the deflector? Rust patches on the front caster assemblies and back grill? This is the same damn machine that sat in front of their dealer through rain and everything during the spring, summer, and fall.

Now, the sale was for a new 44z as far as I know, as the words "used" or "demo" never came up, and the bill of sale is merely for a 44z. I plan on calling them tomorrow, but am I being too uptight expecting a perfectly new unit? I'd be upset getting a less-than-new $200 mower, much less a $5000 one. Is this just the way it is when buying contractor-grade stuff? My mower will always be garaged and kept clean, with minimal residential use, so I wouldn't expect rust like I'm seeing already.
HELL NO that's not the way it is buying "contractor equipment".... that would be like buying a "new car" with a softball size dent in the side!

If I'm paying full price for this thing, it better be in BRAND NEW condition.... which means rustless!! If I want to leave it out to get rusty that's my business, but I wouldn't buy it that way!

I'd have them pick it up and bring me another one! That's just plain lazy to even expect someone to accept that! I'd ask'em is the rust a bonus or did I pay extra for it?

New means...NEW, MINUS the rust!

The 2, would be hours, not miles. That's not as big a deal to me as all the rust!

They brought my mower out to me, it was SPOTLESS and Armor-all'd
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