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Everyone before this post could be wrong.

You say new. As far as any dealer is going to tell you, a mower with 2 (HOURS) not miles is a new mower.

The dealer probably figured they were dealing on the mower that you tried. If you paid full retail for that mower, chalk it up as lesson learned.

I'm sure this time of year, the dealer is going to try to move all equipment that's on site, while not wanting to deliver anything.

As far as 4 days, if they delivered it to you, that might have been the day that they deliver to your area.

I know that if I go and pick up a new mower, I can drive to my dealer and anything that's on the lot, I can put it on the trailer, and go home.

As far as delivery, I have to wait until the guy is available. For me, it's pretty much anytime, but I've also spent $100,000 at my dealer in the last 4 years. When it comes to being a homeowner, or someone that's just purchased something, I know they have a delivery schedule, just like if you were going to buy furniture, or anything else that you have delivered.

IMO, if you paid $500 or less than retail, the whole time the dealer was figuring that you were looking at the "demo" unit that's at the dealer.

If you paid full retail (which you should never have to do) then you can bring it back, but my guess is that you'll have to wait longer, because they probably don't have anymore from this year in the back.

You said yourself.. "Now, the sale was for a new 44z as far as I know", which is a statement that leaves open the large chance of miscommunication.

Personally, I'd drive back up there and see if they have a bright shiny new mower out front. If they do, then I'd call a different dealer, doesn't even have to be in your area, do a google for Gravely dealers and get a price from 2-3 different dealers all over the country on a brand new mower. If your mower was considerably less, then you have to decide if 2 (HOURS) is worth an extra $500+ to get something that's going to get dirty anyways. If that difference in money is no object, then go back to your dealer and tell them that you want to pay the difference for shiny paint.

2 hours on a mower is nothing, probably 1-2 times around your own yard. It couldn't have left the lot on a demo with 2 hours on the engine.
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