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Originally Posted by JLB611
I am new to the site and I am trying to decide which mower would be best. I mow near an acre yard, 3/4 of the yard is flat and 1/4 of the yard is at a 20 to 25 degree slope at is steepest. By what I have read the Hustler mini fastrack and the Hustler fastrack seem to be good on hills.
Almost sounds like you're describing my yard. You didn't post a photo, but 25 degrees is pretty steep to take a ZTR on. Mine is also about that steep in places and I won't do it on those areas. Some of the pros might, but not me. And the guys who work for the LCO who do my neighbor's lawn, which has a slope that isn't quite as steep as mine, don't either. They use a walk behind mower. If you are thinking of using the ZTR you buy on that slope, I'd suggest you first demo the one you have your eye on. I hope it will do what you want, but I supect it won't, in which case you'll also need something else for the 25-degree areas.
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