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Dealers consider a machine new, as long as it has not been sold, used as a demo, and/or never had the blades in grass. We move some of our mowers in and out of the showroom/shop every day so they show up better out in front of the building. It takes a while, but you can easily put 5 or 10 hours on a machine doing this if it sits around long enough. Sometimes we let ours run 10 minutes or so to charge up the battery, and get all the oils good and hot. However, we never sell them with rust, or weathered seats, or weathered arm rests. In fact, if this weathering does occur before a machine is sold, the manufacturer, Gravely, will pay us warranty to replace the affected parts with new ones.
We want new owners to have a machine that is free from any defects, even if only cosmetic.
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