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Originally Posted by Steelratt
Hustlers seem to have a low center of gravity as opposed to there ZTRs.
I believe all of the high-quality ZTRs have a low center of gravity. My fear isn't so much that mine will tip over; rather, it might slip downhill if the slope is too steep. And once it starts to slide down the hill, it's not clear to me what procedure should be followed to get out of that predicament. In one recent post, one of the pros reported that he had to bail out of a ZTR sliding down a hill. Seems to me he's lucky to be alive to write about it. I presume the back wheels were on the downhill side, and he was able to leap uphill. If the front wheels were on the downhill side and he jumped out, the machine might have run over him with the blades spinning. Also, if you have to negotiate a turn where it's steep, it might be hard to control, and that might also induce slipping downhill.
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