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Originally Posted by LwnmwrMan22
That's the problem. If you drove that truck, then everyone would know that's the vehicle you're dealing on.

uhh no...if I test drive a truck (demo) it does not mean I am buying that truck,,,it means I want to buy a NEW one very similar to it...unless of course I said dude "can I get this Demo model cheaper?"

The last car I test drove had 2500 or so miles on it....the one I took delivery of had 6miles on new
I must have just dealt with bigger dealerships than you, because I've never test drove a truck with more than 100 miles on it.

I even buy trucks that have been sitting on the lot for 7-9+ months, so I CAN get a better deal.

I mow the Chevy, Dodge and GMC dealerships close to where I live, and when I'm in the market for a truck (every 3rd year) I look for one or two that I like, and then keep track of the stock numbers. I then wait until I'm ready to buy one (about 6-7 months after they've been sitting) and they've never had 2500 miles on them.

Just because something's been on the lot for 5-6-7-8-9-19 months doesn't automatically make it a demo or used.

If I would have been Steelrat's dealer, I probably would have had to bring the mower back, take the rusted parts off, clean them up, repaint them, and send you on your way. Again, probably 3 hours of work, $50 in materials. Either that, or figure out a way to warranty the parts, I wouldn't have given a new mower.

And the other point, I wouldn't even buy a NEW 2003 ANYTHING if it had a big rust spot on it and the fender fell off. I wouldn't even buy a 2006 of that same model this day in age.
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