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Originally Posted by dmanb2b

I must have just dealt with bigger dealerships than you, because I've never test drove a truck with more than 100 miles on it.

Your may be big but isis not moving inventory.

I even buy trucks that have been sitting on the lot for 7-9+ months, so I CAN get a better deal.

Don't care whether a car truck has been sitting, as long as it hasn't been driven...again unless I'm looking for something used to save money.

I mow the Chevy, Dodge and GMC dealerships close to where I live, and when I'm in the market for a truck (every 3rd year) I look for one or two that I like, and then keep track of the stock numbers. I then wait until I'm ready to buy one (about 6-7 months after they've been sitting) and they've never had 2500 miles on them.

That's because they've been sitting on the lot and are not DEMOS

Just because something's been on the lot for 5-6-7-8-9-19 months doesn't automatically make it a demo or used.'s been SITTING on the lot...obviosly a DEMO does not sit on the lot...people test drive it

If I would have been Steelrat's dealer, I probably would have had to bring the mower back, take the rusted parts off, clean them up, repaint them, and send you on your way. Again, probably 3 hours of work, $50 in materials. Either that, or figure out a way to warranty the parts, I wouldn't have given a new mower.

Kind of conradictory to your statement below...don't you think. It's OK to sell a repainted mower, but you wouldn't buy a car yourself that at some point had rust spots?

And the other point, I wouldn't even buy a NEW 2003 ANYTHING if it had a big rust spot on it and the fender fell off. I wouldn't even buy a 2006 of that same model this day in age.
Sorry to rag on here man, but the point is, the dealer was not clear on which mower he was selling to Steelrat and obiously he was under the impression he was getting a new on and not the one sitting in the front of the dealership. There are many different buyers out there, me personally if I want a truck in a specific color with certain options and it not on the lot, but he/she has a different truck on the lot...wrong color, same options...sitting there for 1day to several months...I'll negotiate on that truck, then say OK now get me one in the color I want for that price...I may have had to wait a few days for the dealer to locate it, but it was always detailed, nice and shinny with minimal miles on the odometer.
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