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Originally Posted by dmanb2b

Correct, and you took the step to make sure, you didn't ASSUME that was what you were getting.

If you go to buy new clothes, do you take the first one off the rack, the one that everyone's tried on?? Or do you reach for a shirt towards the back, or to the bottom of the pile, one that no one's gotten to yet??

My point is, is that Steelrat needs to chalk this up to a lessoned learned as well, to be clear, not ASSUME. It needs to be on the sales order, "NEW".

He's lucky that the dealer IS understanding. IMO, the dealer doesn't have to do anything, that the sale was for a 44z. Any lawyer would say with 2 hours, that IS new, that one should know enough that if the mower is sitting outside, that it's going to get some surface rust on it.

All you guys that say "get one out of the crate", where do you think the crates sit???
Yeah, right, the one with big rusted areas is "new." If I go into Best Buy, look at a tv, then go to the counter and buy one, should I reasonably expect that they will give me the television right off the floor? Don't you think the fact that the dealer told me he'd need several days to get one ready would lead me to believe that he wasn't just driving that one onto the truck for delivery?

Luckily, the dealer had some moral fiber, and did the right thing.

How do you think Gravely would have felt about it, had they known? Do you think they want rusted products delivered to people?
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