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Stonehenge's litmus test

The trick to advertising is to put out as much as possible to let everyone know who you are. The hope is that a potential customer will see it and if they were to need your services, they would remember your name, and not look in the paper with 30 LCOs advertising in it.
If I want a service, I look in the yellow pages - this is the most expensive form of advertising you can do. This goes back to name recognition if I see a familiar name in the listing(I may not remember where I saw it before) I'll be more inclined to call that one.
I believe it goes along with a name on the side of a truck - no more gimmicky than that, just good ole name recognition.
I don't look a coffee mugs when I need a service, but I don't go out and watch trucks drive by either.
I believe there is only one truely successful way to advertise, and thats by word of mouth. But when you're new, you need to get the contacts.
But all this is only my opinion, and for me the cost is well worth it. This forum is all about everyones opinions and none are completely right or completely wrong.
.... Billy

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