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Originally Posted by nate1422
Not to hijack but what if timing would be good for both, would the control be that bad with W&F. I have a 1 acre lot that has a lot of plantain and clover that is growing like crazy and starting to overun things. I was thinking to apply a weed and feed because I need a fertilizer treatment now and weed killer. I have a 2 gallon pump sprayer or I could get the ortho hose end and apply Trimec with that. The problem is, the pump, I am familiar with but it would take forever, the hose end, I am not familiar with as far as walking speed so it could be futile. I think for some homeowners like myself, it is convenience and available application equipment. Once this is under control, it will be spot treatments but this initial overrun, could I still get good control?
Clover use Momentum FX2 in gran form. You will need severla bags but in your case it is quicker and easier to get rid of the clower and plantain.

Liquid is less money per ai, but you will be there forever with a 2 gal sprayer.
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