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Originally Posted by Lawnworks
Dixie decks cut well, but the right side of there deck needs some serious re-enforcing. I have had 3 choppers... and on all of them the right side of the deck bends down as well as the scalp wheel and digs into yards.

The hustler deck has a great leading edge on the deck, but we have still broken welds on the side of the deck. The bracing bracket on the back of our Super Z has broken at least 4 times. I have noticed they have changed the design on the newer models, but they should have a recall or update kit for the 05/06 mowers.

I am thinking Scag and Exmark on the only companies that know how to make a mower that can take abuse.
Which year Hustler do you have? According to Hustler they claim the XR 7 deck is way tougher than the previous deck. Please explain where the mower keeps breaking welds. If one area is a problem That does not bother me I take it to my machine shop welder and he can make anything alot better. You have to remember you are hitting stuff going 12 or 15 MPH so a mower will break at these speeds more?
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